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About ajis

First president Jack m, Boone

Our Company Philosophy

Philosophy, the things you believe in, is important to us. While other companies may operate from a policy platform we, more importantly, adhere to a philosophy which rarely changes and is never compromised.

Simply stated – our basic philosophy is to provide our customer with the finest professional inventory service.

president & CEO Akio Saitou

Our Mission

Our mission is to make contributions to society through supporting chain store operators.

Our Purpose

We will provide inventory report on which we are confident, through efficient stock-taking without sacrificing accuracy, thereby playing an important role in our customers’ managerial decision-making.

We Put a Focus on Human Resources Development

We assume a role in developing human resources while we contribute to society through supporting chain store operators by providing inventory and other retail support services. Our business strongly depends upon people. However much technology advances, there still exists some jobs which only human can do. One of those jobs is inventory service and another is retail support service. Being conscious of the nature of our business, “people business,” where people is our asset, we treat our employees with respect and are willing to invest in human resources development.

Corporate Profile

Company Name AJIS Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Akio Saito
Date of Foundation May 23rd, 1978
Paid-in Capital JPY 475 million
Consolidated Sales JJPY 21,829 million for the fiscal year ended March 31st, 2015
Number of Employees 701 in the consolidated basis as of September 30th, 2015
Number of District Offices 83 including 35 franchisees’ district offices
Business ・Inventory Service
・Other Retail Support Services
Address 4-544-4 Makuhari-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi,
Chiba 262-0032, Japan
Phone: +81-43-350-0888 Fax: +81-43-350-0800
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